Step by Step


1. Formal-Reminder

Send your debtor a formal-reminder.



2. First-Assessment - max. 4 days

Submit the required documents to us for a first-assessment of your case. Transfer first-assessment costs. Receive first-assessment analysis from us. Contact us for details.


3. German Payment Order - 60 days

If the outcome of the first-assessment reveals that enforcement is feasible, we will begin with thelegal recovery of the debt by initiating a German Order for Payment procedure. Transfer (part) of the legal costs. Court services Payment Order on your debtor. Debtor has 14 days to pay off his debt as well as legal costs or to object to the claim. Contact us for details.


4. Enforcement - 1 to 4 months

Should your debtor not have balanced his debt after 14 days, we will submit a request for an Enforcement order. Debtor is given another 14 days to balance his debt, otherwise the title becomes enforceable. The length of actual enforcement, such as seizure of income, varies per case.


In case of uncontested claims debts can be recovered in a mere few weeks.

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