Eidesstattliche Versicherung - Affidavit

An affidavit includes the disclosure of the debtor's financial constitution of the last year. Revealed assets can then be used to satisfy the creditor's claim. See our section on Enforcement to find out more about the extent of enforcement, i.e. what cannot be impounded (seized). Once such an affidavit has been given by the debtor however, creditors odds of recovering the debt diminish towards close to nothing. That's at least the lesson of the past. See this link for a pronunciation help of the word "Eidesstattliche Versicherung".


Arrest Warrant issued for the purpose of receiving an addidavit

In case the debtor refuses to diclose his financial constitution in an affidavit an arrest warrant can be filed for to have the debtor arrested until the time he complies with the affidavit request.


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