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...on the collection of debts in Germany. The following pages are written for the international English-speaking reader seeking information about the collection of outstanding debts from a debtor residing in Germany.

This site is offered to you by the Law Firm Murk Muller, with offices in Berlin, Germany and Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Debt collection starts with a formal reminder in writing to the debtor. Please surf over to your first steps for advice on how to word a correct formal-reminder in German.

Once the deadline set in your reminder has passed without the debtor balancing his account you may want to consider to Submit the Claim to us for a first-assessment.

The Costs of pursuing ones right to recover a debt are often the very factor preventing creditors from going after their debtors. Contrary to most other countries the costs of the process as well as the creditor's legal expenses will have to be covered by the debtor, if the title can be enforced against him. Our section on Costs explains the total of costs and how these come about.

In Germany the route to an enforceable title (verdict, judgement) against a debtor is called Mahnverfahren. In English translations the Mahnverfahren is most commonly referred to as German Order for Payment or German Payment Order.

The Mahnverfahren is best described as quick and efficient summary proceedings for undisputed claims leading to a fully enforcable title, a default judgement, in a few weeks.

Foreign Perspective provides a comprehensive description of debt recovery in Germany for those not familiar with German or codified law. German Payment Order will give you an in-depth legal, technical description of the Mahnverfahren

The Enforcement of a title is described in the MMrecht section on Enforcement. Please find information on how MMrecht can assist you during this stage there, as well.

Everything Step - by - Step can be found here.

We have summarized the most frequently asked questions with regard to the Payment Orders in our MMrecht FAQ section.


MMrecht trusts that the keywords and sections below will further support you in obtaining an overview of the available means to recover an outstanding undisputed debt from a debtor residing in Germany.

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