Name: Murk Muller

Responsible for Internet-Site: Murk Muller

(Author) English Section: Lukas Bühl

Address: Bismarckstrasse 19

D-12169 Berlin / Germany


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Telefax: +49 (30) 806 024 92


Supervisory authority (Aufsichtsbehörde): Rechtsanwaltskammer Berlin



Although we do our utmost best to keep the information on our pages as correct as possible we cannot guarantee for its correct or completeness. Therefore, please understand that no rights can be derived from the information given on our pages. Additionally, we are in no way responsible for the content provided by other websites to which we may link.

Data Protection:

We cannot use or process your data via this website since no data is being collected from via this website. Any data you decide to send to us, which does not take place via this site by any means, will naturally be treated with the appropriate technical safety measures and confidentiality common to all trustworthy law firms.


should be called 'right to copy' at this point. Feel free to use any information given on this site. It would show good manners to refer to your source nevertheless though. This approach can be traced back to our long standing open-source attitude.

Open Source

We strongly believe that access and use of information should be held as openly as possible in order to enable everyone to make a reasoned decision. It is in this open-source spirit that we have created this website to the largest extent by making use of open source software. Such software allows the adaptation of a core bundle of software to various needs and situations. We have done the same with this impressum. We have provided you with the elements we deem useful. We therefore encourage you to use and adapt the knowledge you gain from this site within the open source spirit.


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